Agreement between easyJet and Sir Steliosat Haji-Ioannou

On October 12 2010 the English press reported on an agreement between easyJet and Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou concerning their dispute on (lack of) punctuality and the use of the "easy" name. How might this affect Geneva?

The dispute between easyJet and Sir Stelios started when the punctuality record of easyJet at London Gatwick airport dropped below that of Air Zimbabwe in the middle of Summer 2010. Sir Stelios got rather upset, not only because of that but because of the use of the name "easy" to sell other services allied to easyJet.

This now appears to have been resolved with an agreement under which he has imposed punctuality targets on the airline. In addition, he will receive a royalty payment of 0.25% of easyJet revenues (though limited n the first two years to £3.9 and £4.95 million respectively : tough!). In return, he will drop his insistence that easyJet make at least 75% of its revenue from its core activities (flights).

As regards the punctuality targets, everyone who has experienced some of the very long delays will welcome this. However, as yet there has not been any disclosure of the details of these punctuality targets, nor of how the general public is to be able to verify to what extent they have been met : easyJet ceased giving out punctuality information on its web site over a year ago. Furthermore, since easyJet Switzerland is a separate, though connected, entity which has had a worse record than its parent company this last Summer, it is not clear whether the punctuality targets will equally apply to this Swiss entity, or simply be merged into the overall world-wide targets.

Given the current situation of industrial protest action in various countries, including in France on the day that I write this, and the possibility of other exceptional unfavourable events (more ash, heavy snow or other weather-related events), more detailed knowledge of these targets should be given. In the meantime, it is possible, via the web site flightstats.com, to get their independent punctuality ratings for various criteria (airports, airlines, routes): the current ones for August/September 2010 show many Geneva routes having less than half the flights on-time (not more than 15 minutes delay), the worst being Palma de Mallorca to Geneva (only 41% on-time). However, flightstats.com is unable to track all easyJet Switzerland flights, in particular to and from Nice, so the statistics are probably incomplete.

The other part of the agreement frees easyJet to make much more use of the name "easy", including the use of its web site to sell various third-party services. What this will actually mean has yet to be seen, but it will surely have some obvious effects.

Maybe, before too long, we will be able to take an easyTaxi to easyAirport (previously known as Geneva airport), pop into its easySupermarket (ex-Migros) to buy a new easySuitcase, then eat a quick easySnack at the easyCafe, use our remaining money in the easySouvenir shops, wait in an easyChair in the easyLounge and finally board our easyJet flight for a week of summer holiday in a Club easyMed!


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Un numero de telephone payant 0 900 ....qui ne renseigne pas et qui coute !!!

Quelle honte !

Posted by: farouk moussa | 10/22/2010

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