Taggers put graffiti on easyJet publicity posters

Last weekend, 2/3 October, the press reported that easyJet were employing taggers to write graffiti, relative to their terrible summer performance, on their publicity posters. Here is one they forgot!

I saw this report of "humour-tagging" first in Le Matin on Sunday 3 October. It seems that easyJet management decided to try to defuse the row over their terrible performance during Summer 2010 by allowing taggers to write humerous remarks on their advertising posters. I have to say that this is a rather British reaction (sense of humour), which was received in different ways by different people who commented on the report. It was reported that these graffiti were seen around Geneva and Lausanne: I was rather surprised to find no evidence of any similar action in Britain.

It was quite interesting to look at the readers' comments on this article. As usual, some people who have flown with easyJet Switzerland a number of times, without having any serious problem, conclude that there really have not been any problems. One correspondent said that the fact of him/her having flown easyJet 10 times in July without any serious problem meant that there had actually not been any problems at all. Not very logical, of course.

easyJet cartoon.gifAlways being happy to assist, I found this cartoon in a similar vein on a web site called crankyflier.com and am happy to share it with readers of this blog. In case you don't have 20/20 vision, the caption is

It was summer when I arrived here - wish I'd brought my winter clothes.

I also recommend reading the commentaries of people who responded on this site. One, in particular, was from someone who often flies between Geneva and London Gatwick, and starts off as follows :-

I fly Easyjet regularly from GVA-LGW but only if I’m going to the UK for family/leisure reasons.

When I have to travel for meetings, I always go by BA (I do sometimes return by Easyjet). This is simply because I can’t guarantee I’ll get there on time.

This matches perfectly with the easyJet Switzerland principle, enunciated by easyJet Switzerland, that in case of problems the first destination to suffer is most often the London Gatwick service. This happened again last Tuesday, 5 October, when one of the easyJet Switzerland aircraft was unable to fly for the whole day, so Gatwick flights were either very late or cancelled. If you (and easyJet Switzerland) like humour, then feel free to read my comments via the third installment of the secret diary of aircraft HB-JZI.

As the saying goes, there's many a true word spoken in jest!

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Posted by: JF Mabut | 10/10/2010

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