easyJet Switzerland: Gatwick suffers yet again

(HB-JZ)I had an extremely busy day because of one of my siblings being sick. This is what I wrote in my secret diary.

I (My full name is HB-JZI, one of the Airbus A319 family of easyJet Switzerland) think that I might have qualified for the Guinness book of records yesterday, Tuesday 5 October! I had to make 5 round trips to different places in Europe all in the one day: I thought that our Trade Union limited us to four, but I will have to read the small print of the agreement that they signed with our easyJet Switzerland employers.

The day started quite normally, with a trip to Brussels, then to Barcelona and Naples. It was a pleasure to improve my fluency in Flemish, Spanish and Italian: some people complain that I and my brothers sometimes only speak English!

Where it went wrong was when my twin brother, (HB-JZ)J came back from his early morning trip to London Gatwick. I think they still have a sickness problem over there, so when he chatted to some of our cousins he must have caught a bug. Whatever it was, when he got back from there in the late morning he was immediately confined to bed for the rest of the day.

That obviously put the rest of us under pressure, and it did not help when (HB-J)G was detained an extra hour in Madrid (perhaps they are worried about Spanish flu there!). Our employers did get one of the Gatwick cousins, (G-EZPG) to help out with a trip here and back, though the passengers making the trip from here to there would not have been happy with the delay of more than 4 hours. However, at least they got there, which was not true for passengers booked on the last flights of the day, to and from Gatwick, which had to be cancelled. I am not quite sure why another Gatwick cousin could not have helped us out, but I just stay quiet and do my job.

With all that fuss, it was decided that I could manage two more round trips that same day, provided that all the cabin staff and ground crews worked like crazy every time that I landed. This they did, so I did actually manage to do two more round trips, to Paris and Nice (luckily, my French is quite fluent!). They did not work quite fast enough to keep my last takeoff before 22h, so someone will have to pay an expensive fine of 50 CHF, but I did manage to get back from Nice just before midnight (just over an hour late).

I decided that perhaps I should tell my Trade Union representative of my day, since I worked out that I had been flying for almost 13 hours, whereas the normal value is about 12 hours. Maybe I will get a congratulatory letter from our owners, even an extra-long overnight massage. However, given that I finished completely exhausted, I hope that it does not happen again.


ps. I think it is the time of year when we all get our anti-flu vaccinations. I hope this will help us all to stay more healthy.

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