Problems with aircraft of easyJet and Flybaboo

An easyJet Switzerland aircraft was grounded last Friday, 1 October, then an aircraft of Flybaboo had to make an in-flight turn around on Saturday 2 October. The sets of consequences were interesting!

The Airbus A319 of easyJet Switzerland, HB-JZF, appears to have been unable to fly at all on Friday 1 October (a poor start to a new month!). Since this company has no spare aircraft, bad consequences were inevitable. Although passengers on easyJet flights to and from Madrid (about 2 hours delay), Nice (also about 2 hours delay), Paris (nearly 3 hours delay) and Lisbon (about 5 hours delay) would have been unhappy, the real losers were passengers to and from London Gatwick. Although easyJet Switzerland did manage to borrow two UK aircraft for flights from and to Gatwick, the flights EZS8571 and EZS8573 left for Gatwick with over 6 hours delay, whilst the last round trip to and from Gatwick was simply cancelled. This is, of course, entirely foreseeable, given that the easyJet Switzerland policy for cancelling flights makes Gatwick the most likely candidate.

The aircraft did manage to fly again the next day, though not until after 08h30, which meant a delay of over 2 hours for passengers for Dubrovnik. Nothing to complain of!

On Saturday, the other local airline Flybaboo also met a problem when their Embraer E190, HB-JQG, used for flight BBO705 (F7705) to Larnaca had to turn around after about 30 minutes flight. Thus, having taken off at 13h11, it returned and landed at 14h22.

The consequences of this for the passengers were not too bad (apart from the natural anxiety of having been on an aircraft that turned around!). Flybaboo does not have the philosophy of "all our aircraft flying all the time", and so it could manage to find one of its other identical aircraft, HB-JQF, to make a replacement flight scheduled just 2 hours late (BBO705A, rescheduled at 15h). The aircraft actually took off at 15h25.

There might still have been a worry about getting the retun flight back before the Geneva airport closure at 00h30. However, fortunately, Flybaboo allow a reasonable turnaround time at Larnaca (the flight there is scheduled to land at 17h45 and only leave again at 18h55) and schedule a reasonably return to Geneva (at 22h05). Thus, when the aircraft actually landed at 23h45 that Saturday night it was less than 2 hours late. Quite remarkable when you look at what happened to the initial outgoing flight.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions!

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