Spanish air traffic controllers strike 29 September

According to reports, in Spain the air traffic controllers will be on strike on Wednesday 29 September.

The news of a strike on Wednesday 29 September 2010, as given by the Air Valid information site, states that various airlines will be affected, including Iberia, the national airline of Spain, and easyJet. On their Web site, Iberia expect to operate about one third of their normal flights.

At the time of writing this blog (13h30 on Tuesday 28 September, neither the easyjet web site nor the Geneva airport web site yet carry any information.

Last week, when there was a similar strike in France, the airport web site stated that all flights to and from airports in France, and some flights going across France, would be canceelled. This was not quite true: perhaps the airport management forgot that there are actually other airline companies than easyJet in Geneva. Whilst easyJet did indeed cancel all flights to and from France, both Air France and FlyBaboo did actually manage to operate a fair percentage of their scheduled flights to and from airports in France. This is rather like the French railways, which also managed to run a number of their TGV services the same day.

What will happen tomorrow? If historical precedents are anything to go by, then easyJet Switzerland will cancel all flights to and from Spain. This is their normal method of operation, because they hate the idea of having one of their aircraft unable to return to Geneva at the end of the day. A cynic might say that it is cheaper for them to cancel a flight "for exceptional reasons outside of their control" than to try to retain at least a minimum of services.

So, if you are travelling to or from Spain by air tomorrow, best to do some checking with your airline.

Bon voyage.

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