easyJet: the cancellations start again

(HB-JZ)I, and some of my easyJet Switzerland brothers and cousins, had another bad weekend. Here is the story that I wrote in my  secret diary.

Just to put you in the picture, I (my full name is HB-JZI) was photographed quite recently: click HERE to see how clean I was! You might also have read the first extract from my secret diary a couple of weeks ago.

Back on Wednesday 15 September I already had a feeling that something was going to go wrong: my twin brother J was coughing a bit at the start of the day, so he only left over 2 hours late to see our cousins in Gatwick. That meant that his later trip to Paris and back had to be cancelled.

J was coughing again on Thursday morning, so was late out again. However, his infection had apparently spread to our brother S (three years younger than us), who was stuck in bed for the whole day. This, of course, meant that some of our Gatwick cousins had to fill in for us, but their return flights home were several hours late. However, even with that help, I and my other healthy brothers could not manage round trips to Nice (twice), Paris and Malaga. No doubt this was bad news for the passengers, but welcome news for some hotels.

By Friday, I had hoped that normal service would be resumed. That idea was shattered when my elder brother N, on his way to Barcelona, had to make an unexpected stop at the den of our family rivals, the Ryanairs, at Gerone. They really rule the roost there (Gerone), so by the time that N got out of their den and to Barcelona, it was too late for him to return home that night.

On Saturday, N came home empty (not sure where the passengers were!), which caused a sequence of late flights during the day. However, I was thankful that I had escaped the coughing infection and was not being blamed by passengers for the lateness. In fact, on my trips to Alicante, Bordeaux and Gatwick that day I made a big effort to be in-time. I even tried to keep my old boss, Stelios, happy by refusing a cup of tea with my cousins at Gatwick, which meant that I got back from there 10 minutes early.

I therefore set off for my last round trip to Ibiza on time, thinking that I would be back early enough to get a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, that nasty Irishman, Murphy, was on board, so I got some sort of infection (maybe that coughing epidemic) and I had to stay the night there. The doctors treated me overnight, but it was only in the next afternoon that I felt well enough to return home with the passengers and with a special flight number (EZS9520, replacing the EZS1520 of the previous day).

When I did get back, I discovered that I had twice been replaced by a Gatwick cousin (G-EZFX: I think it was his first trip to Geneva), and that one of our trips to Malaga and back had been cancelled. I also worry if our coughing infection is spreading to other cousins in Luton: one of them was very late coming here, arriving after half past eleven at night, and then leaving again at around 15 minutes past midnight. I hope that he did not cough too loudly when taking off, as a lot of people in that nice town of Versoix that he flew over were probably sleeping peacefully.

I do hope that things will improve this week.

p.s. I saw that on Monday afternoon N stayed in Geneva, instead of going to Paris and back. I will have to buy him some cough medecine!

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