A World War II veteran in Geneva

On Monday and Tuesday of the week of 13/14 September Geneva spotters cound see an old Junkers JU52 aircraft

The particular aircraft with registration HB-HOS, is registered in Switzerland as a JU-52/3m g4e, most commonlyknown as a JU52, which was built back in 1939. According to the Swiss registration authority, it is operated by "Verein Freunde der Luftwaffe JU Air".

The Wikipedia article on these aircraft makes interesting reading. When Hitler came to power in 1933 he had his own personal JU52, which he named "Immelmann" after the World War I ace pilot Max Immelmann (whose name is always associated with a turn consisting of half loop followed by a half roll on top, used to rapidly reverse the direction of flight.

I was interested to note that Hitler and his cabinet and staff had many JU52 aircraft based at Templehof airport, in Berlin (which I visited during the summer, and which was later used for the Berlin airlift.

A search for pictures of this aircraft also revealed that it has visited other airports in Switzerland, including Samedan. I actually wrote this article when in St Moritz, very close to Samedan) after taking the Bernina train from Tirano to there the previous day (it is the centenary year for this train, apparently the highest open air non-cog railway). Unfortunately, problems with the blog entry system prevented it from being published then.

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