easyJet to Tel Aviv cancelled yesterday, 13/9/2010

Yesterday the easyJet flight to and from Tel Aviv was cancelled. Is this another reason why having only one Airbus A320 in the Swiss fleet causes problems?

Over the Summer there have been various problems for easyJet Switzerland which have involved their only Airbus A320 aircraft (all the rest are the smaller A319 aircraft). Yesterday, 13 September, this A320 aircraft should have flown to Tel Aviv and back. Instead, the two flights were cancelled, even though the A320 was in Geneva at the time when the outward flight should have departed.

It is, of course, entirely unclear why the flight was cancelled. It could have been a problem at the Tel Aviv end, a techical problem with the aircraft or something else. Whatever it was, that left a lot of easyJet passengers stuck in Geneva until the next easyJet Switzerland flight to there in Thursday (although maybe they were sent there by other routes).

At first glance, this raises further questions about the wisdom of including one non-standard aircraft in the easyJet Switzerland Airbus fleet. It also makes one wonder about the wisdom of easyJet going to places further afield, since problems may then tend to be more difficult to handle.

Perhaps, like Heraklion, this flight will some time get changed to an overnight flight!

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The thing is, EasyJet is a lousy, lousy, lousy airline. No other way to put it.

Posted by: Déblogueur | 09/15/2010

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