Turn algae into jet fuel!

According to an article in the Times (9 September 2010) Sir Richard Branson is putting his faith in algae as an alternative jet fuel.

Being the force behind Virgin Airlines, as well as being quite rich, the article states that he has invested part of his personal fortune into a company called Solazyne. This is an industrial bio-tech company which aims to use algae as a raw material from which to produce a range of oil and biomaterials.

One of the reasons which is also of interest is that of finding alternatives to core ingredients such as palm oil, the harvesting of which has, according to environmentalists, contributed to large-scale deforestation in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

There have been concerns in Switzerland over the increasing use of palm oil. A couple of years ago, there was an emission of the Swiss Romande television programme 36.9 which examined this question. After seeing this programme I now check carefully on what are the exact ingredients of many foods, in particular, for my breakfast, the various alternatives to butter for spreading on bread. However, many products avoid using the exact term "palm oil".

On the principle of being more environmental, I am reminded of the last scene in the film "Back to the Future", where Doc Brown returns from the future in his time-travel car and uses the contents of a nearby dustbin as fuel for taking off on the next journey.

What a pity that Switzerland does not have a coastline with lots of seaweed!

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Prossessing MSW to energy and advanced liquid fuels.

Posted by: clive | 09/13/2010

You don't need a sea coast....or any coast

Posted by: Scott | 09/14/2010

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