Yet another very noisy small jet aircraft

A small business jet again makes more noise in Vernier that a big inter-continental commercial flight. The airport gives no explanation of such events!!

In my blogs of 13 August and 26 August, in the "Noisy aircraft" category, I wrote about some small business jets making rather excessive noise when taking off (over Vernier!). I said that I would ask the airport persons responsible for noise and environment matters to provide some explanation, but that you should not hold your breath waiting for their answer. This pessimistic, yet realistic, comment has been fully justified by the continued silence of these people (who are mentionen below).

For a few days the EANS system which displays the noise at the various noise monitoring stations of ARAG and the ATCR-AIG was unavailable due to a change of server hardware. However, all the measurements were still available, so when the change was made the measurements were all available.

Im looking at the measurements for the Vernier station it was interesting to note that since the start of September the loudest measurement, of about 92 dBA, occurred at 6h42 on the morning of 8 September. An investigation revealed that it was due to the takeoff of a Falcon 50, with registration N678MA, built in 1982, owned by FA116 Inc Trustee and belonging to noise class IV (one class worse than the most quiet class V).

Again, it can be supposed that the aircraft began its takeoff in the middle of the runway, and perhaps was under instructions to clear the path for the four following takeoffs of aircraft of easyJet Switzerland. Whether or not this is true, I find it unacceptable that this could have made more noise over Vernier than the various departures of big intercontinental jets going to North America.

I will, yet again, ask the above-mentioned airport persons for an explanation, but I would again be surprised to have any answer in any reasonable time frame. If you are interested to know the answers then please feel free to contact the airport directly. The person in charge of environmental and legal affairs is, as indicated on the Geneva airport web site, Marc Mounier, whilst the person who generally handles the actual complaints is Pascal Helfer. Althugh I do know other names, as well as various email addresses, I do not feel at liberty to disclose them, since they do not appear on that site.

In relation to the CRINEN consderation of revised curfew hours, ARAG has requested to OFAC that aircraft which are in noise class IV be prohibited from using the first and last hours of the daily airport operational period.

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And another noisy expected this week at GVA: Russian Tu-154. Ikea opens on same day. Happy wednesday to everyone at Vernier!

Posted by: Gregor Samsa | 09/13/2010

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