Business, politics and morality don't mix

When there are international crises I often look to see what aircraft travel between Geneva and the countries concerned. Last year, I looked at Libyan aircraft: this year ...

... I checked on Iranian aircraft.

Last year, when there were Swiss hostages being retained in Libya, we had regular visits from private jets, such as the Citation 560XLS with registration 5A-DRL, marked as a Libyan Air Ambulance. Someone did suggest to me that the passenger(s) were having hospital treatment at the La Tour Hospital, in Meyrin, but this was unconfirmed.

Today it is Iran which is making the news rather often, in particular concerning the treatment of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who risks dying by lapidation. I find the idea of this manner of execution, plus the secretive manner in which this "justice" has been meted out, to be an inacceptable throwback to the dark ages! I also strongly disagree with gender discrimination (and other similar discriminations for things for which we are not responsible).

So what about Iranian aircraft? Well, every Friday the airport receives the visit of a scheduled flight of an Iran Air Airbus, from and then back to Imam Khomaini International airport in Teheran. Not surprisingly, the aircraft are somewhat old and noisy, with a recent one being an Airbus A300-605,registration EP-IBA, which belongs to noise class 3.

I do not normally expect to be at the airport on Fridays. However, if I were there when this flight arrived then I would like to stand in the arrivals area wearing the T-shirt worn by many members of the European Parliament and with a notice held up in front of me saying

Free Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani

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