Three unusual aircraft seen yesterday

Yesterday, 1 September, there were three particularly interesting flying visits to the Geneva region: an experimental home-built American-Swiss aircraft, a powered glider and a mystery.

In the reverse order of detection (to keep the mystery to the end), the last to be detected was was a Lancair IV-P with registration N41UR. The US register lists this as belonging to a US company called Elitair Inc., apparently based in Arizona. It also lists it as experimental and amateur-built. Somehow, it seems to have come to Switzerland, but not (yet) been registered, because this photograph of it, takel in Grenchen in 2004, shows the registration, and the Swiss cross on the fin. It also shows an unusual wing shape. No idea who actually now owns it!

The second to be detected was a powered glider, with Swiss registration HB-2042. The Swiss registry lists it as having been built in 1976 by the aircraft manufacturer SCHEIBE FLUGZEUGBAU GMBH and now owned by the Groupe vaudois de vol à voile de Montricher. I don't know if it used the motor to get here or to leave, nor have I been able to find any photo of it: can anyone provide one?

And the last; the mystery? All I know of it is that its transponder said that its ICAO 6-character hexadecimal identifier was 0053AA and it sent out the call sign 53AA. A bit like a car with the chassis numbe and the number plate both the same and both invalid. If any amateur Sherlock Holmes can help, then please contact me.

One other visitor of note was M-INOR!

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