Easyjet and I had a bad weekend

The registration identifiers of the aircraft of easyJet Switzerland end in a letter between F and T inclusive. I had a bad weekend!


It has often happened this summer that the easyJet Switzerland flights to and from Berlin, which operate once a day and should return to Geneva at 22h45, have been cancelled, very delayed or had the return journey diverted to Lyon. One flight to Berlin even had an unscheduled long stop in Zurich. Last weekend, 27/28/29 August, was no exception. It mostly involved the aircraft registered as HB-JZI, hereinafter referred to as "I".

It all began when, on Friday evening, I returned from Madrid at around 19h20: about an hour late. For some reason, and unlike my good friend J on the preceding Monday, I was not allowed to go to Berlin and back. Instead, I had to wait to go there until the Saturday morning, when I was honoured to have the very unusual flight number EZS9193. This did, of course, upset some passengers on flights to places that I ought to have gone to that morning, but that is another story.

Anyway, I got back from Berlin at midday, did a quick round trip to London Gatwick to see some of my numerous British cousins, then went on another round trip to Cagliari for some pizza. Unfortunately, I got back rather late (about two and a quarter hours late) so I could not do my final round trip to Bastia!

On the Sunday morning I had to resume my usual busy schedule with a round trip to Alicante. However, I then got another special assignment: a round trip to Bastia as EZS9303. Fortunately, since my owners had long ago cancelled the first morning flight to Nice, this did not leave a big hole, so no other flights that day were cancelled!

For some reason, my good and lucky friend J (people often used to think that he and I were one and the same) had a lie-in all day, because our mutual friend H came from Basel for the day to take over his work. In fact, J doesn't seem to have been up again for quite a while: I hope that he is not ill).

Actually, I have never liked this Summer weekday service to and from Berlin, where I arrive in Berlin at 20h35 and am supposed to leave again for Geneva at 20h50. A frantic 15 minute stop, with easyJet flight attendants shooing outgoing passengers off the plane, then frantically trying to clean it before the incoming passengers get pushed on. Still, as from Monday 30 August, I have a bit more time there, though the down side is that I have to do a quick return trip from there to Copenhagen before returning to Geneva at 22h45!

It's been a hard day's night and I've been working like a dog!

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