easyJet still making the news

EasyJet problems still continue to be one of the sagas of this 2010 Summer!



Yesterday morning, Monday 23 August, I listened to the RSR radio programme "Le Grand 8", in which (for the second time in recent weeks) the discussion was on what they called the big serial story in the media this year (le grand feuilleton médiatique de l'été). I then sat over breakfast reading the article in this newspaper which said that the crisis of easyJet is also that of our airport (La crise d'easyJet est aussi celle de Cointrin). Strangely, I have not seen any reaction of the airport management to this  crisis! To cap it all, when I bought my paper this morning, the lady who runs the shop said that easyJet would be the subject for tonight's "Infrarouge" discussion. As it turns out, this latter statement is no longer true: the debate has been replaced by one on whether the seven Swiss State councillors should be elected by the whole Swiss population, rather than just the members of parliament. Clearly, in terms that would be understood by the Swiss who play the card game Jass, easyJet may be the ace of trumps but the Federal Council is the nine of trumps (the knave of trumps is reserved for the UBS doings!).

I have been told that the Infrarouge program has merely been postponed, not cancelled, so I will try to keep tabs on it and tell you when it will be broadcast.

The radio program included, as one of the four invited guests, the previous director of Geneva airport, Jean-Pierre Jobin. Naturally, having been a prime instigator of the arrival of easyJet in Geneva, he tended to defend them in various ways. Now, I have met him on a number of times (our children were at the same school at the same time, and he also has an interest in table tennis) and I have a lot of respect for him, especially since I have always understood that he was particularly concerned with ensuring that the closure time (0h30) of the airport for commercial movements be strictly adhered to. However, I found some of his defence of easyJet to be not entirely accurate, and hence somewhat misleading.

The article in this paper also tended to shift the blame for some of the easyJet problems onto the airport and the fact that there is only the one runway. However, in neither of these affirmations was there any documented evidence to back up any such a blame shift. In actual fact, although June and July haves been very busy this year, each month has seen less traffic than in the corresponding months of 2007 and 2008. At the same time, the aeronautic services of the airport, in particular of SkyGuide, appear to have improved since then.

I will deal with both the radio programme and the TdG article in a future blog, once I have established a number of facts: I do not believe in the old saying that "my mind is made up: do not confuse me with the facts!". Until then I might remind you of what one seasoned easyJet traveller commented on the newspaper article :-

Juste que je m'abstiendrai pour le moment de prendre des vols retour après 18h00,suite à une mauvaise expérience d'un retour de Majorque en juillet !!

Anyone who has sampled the delights of a 2am bus journey from Lyon airport to Geneva airport will no doubt agree with that statement.


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