Another noisy Friday, this time for Vernier

Last Friday, for people living in Vernier, it was not just the Air Mauritius flight which made a lot of noise!

You have to feel sorry for the people living in Vernier, right underneath the takeoff path for flights which leave when the wind is from the west. Of course, these are often the less well off people: Vernier was recently listed as the place with the lowest average tax income of the canton of Geneva (Cologny has often been the highest).

Last Friday, 20 August, we again had a visit from that nice quiet Boeing 747 of Jade Cargo International, which (as before) managed to be twice as loud on takeoff as the Airbus A340 of Air Mauritius (on the ARAG noise station in Vernier, 94 dBA as against only 91 dBA). I think the 94 dBA is probably a record for the Boeing, though not an absolute record (every so often we get a military aircraft!). However, the Airbus would have been more annoying, since it went over Vernier just after 11pm.

To complete the joy of Vernier residents, and of aircraft spotters, that Russian YAK-42 also left on Friday. Despite being in a noisier class than the Airbus, the Russian aircraft only (!) managed 90 dBA. Others, even one also in Class II, were lower still.

It was interesting to note that the YAK-42, obviously wanting to go to the East, is too noisy to be allowed to do a U-turn to the right shortly after takeoff (which would make it fly over the Ferney-Voltaire region). Instead, after takeoff it carried on straight until it got to over Chancy, at which time it had climbed to an altitude of about 2000 metres (6560 feet ). It then did a U-turn to the left (my understanding is that such a turn requires an altitude of 7000 metres!), before flying over Geneva and the lake, then veering right over Thonon. This should have given the passengers a nice view of the Geneva left bank.

I wonder whether the residents of Vernier would agree with the biblical quote of the Gospel of Saint Luke, chapter 19, verse 26.

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