easyJet to Barcelona: another tale of woe!

A Sunday return flight from Barcelona cancelled for several consecutive Sundays by easyJet "justified by circumstances beyond their control or for reasons of safety".

On 17 August, the journal Le Matin carried a report of several dissatisfied clients of the easyJet Switzerland service to and from Barcelona.The journal also invited readers to contribute to a debate on whether easyJet can truly fix their problems: this debate was extremely animated.

To this report I can add another one, which tends to indicate that, for easyJet, profits come before ethical and moral obligations.

I have been told the story of the Geneva couple who decided to have a romantic long weekend in Barcelona from the 19th to the 22nd August. They organised the care of the children then booked the easyJet flight out on the 19th and back on the easyJet flight EZS1402, leaving Barcelona at 13h30 on the Sunday 22nd August. With the hotel also booked, they then had something to look forward to ...

... until they received an email from easyJet informing them that this Sunday return flight was no longer available. Instead, they were offered a free transfer to a return flight on either the Saturday before or the Monday after. Monday being not possible (people have to work on Mondays!), this meant having to return on Saturday, thus leaving only one full day in Barcelona: not very satisfactory.

Madame, being curious, then went onto the easyJet web site and checked whether there were other easyJet flights back from Barcelona on the Sunday. Indeed, there were two other flights, which were still open for bookings. Curious indeed!

A simple sense of what is right and what is (morally and ethically) wrong would suggest that they should have been offered one of these two flights, and at no extra cost. However, as with some financial whizz-kids a year or two ago, making more money now beats proper behaviour hands down.

Now that their long weekend is just happy memories and photos, I did a bit of checking. It seems that the first flight on Sundays to and from Barcelona has been cancelled from 25 July to 5 September inclusive. I could speculate that this was because easyJet Switzerland recognised that their summer schedule was too overcrowded, but I cannot know whether or not that is true. What I can say that this is another example of what can happen when you think that you are getting a bargain by making an early easyJet booking: you don't always get what you paid for!

What is actually another curious, and perhaps related, incident is that on the morning of Sunday 22 August the first easyJet flight to Palma was routed via Barcelona (it said so on the Geneva Airport web site). I have no idea why, so if someone was on that flight and reads this blog, then they could contact me. However, this also is included in the terms and conditions which you agree to (even though I suspect that very few people actually do read them!) when you book a flight. Out of curiosity I read these conditions, and came up with the following gem :-

Article 10: Schedules:

10.2. At any time after a reservation has been made we may change our schedules and/or cancel, terminate, divert, postpone or delay any Flight where we reasonably consider this to be justified by circumstances beyond our control or for reasons of safety.

Perhaps anyone who has been the victim of such a change would care to ask easyJet for the explanation of the circumstances beyond their control or the reasons of safety. In particular for this Sunday Barcelona return !!!

Reminder: don't forget to check your email when you are on holiday with easyJet!

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Is someone gathering all toghether all the people affected by the "black year" in EasyJet? I am one of the Barcelona-Geneva cancellations and I would like to join other people so as to grow stronger and refer them before EU. Anyone?


Posted by: Mara | 08/26/2010

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