easyJet to Lisbon via Lausanne and Geneva

On Tuesday morning, the easyJet flight to Barcelona turned around shortly after takeoff and came back to Geneva via Lausanne. Can we know the reason?


On Tuesday morning the Geneva airport Web site showed eleven early morning departures of easyJet Switzerland flights, including one to Geneva-Cointrin.

The one marked as to Geneva-Cointrin was EZS1445, scheduled leave at 7h to go to Lisbon, and having left on-time at 7h05. There was also one called EZS1445A, also scheduled to leave at 7h, but which only actually left at 10h.

Looking at the arrivals page of the airport Web site, EZS1445 was scheduled to land at Geneva 7h40 and landed just 7 minutes late at 7h47 (747, a meaningful number to aircraft spotters!).

Looking at the flight trajectory information, the aircraft took off to the south west over Vernier but turned around shortly after takeoff, then came back south of the airport, over Geneva and the left bank of the lake and up to Lausanne, before turning to come back in to land over Versoix.

This aircraft did not fly again on Tuesday, nor at the start of Wednesday, so one can assume that there was a problem not entirely minor. In the absence of any spare aircraft the inevitable consequence is delays and cancellations. On the Tuesday afternoon, return flights to Nice (yet again!) and Lisbon were cancelled, whilst a flight to Madrid left with over 5 hours delay. On Wednesday morning, London Gatwick (yet again!) is suffering, with passengers going there having to wait for a UK-based aircraft to come from there.

Since the landing was in the normal direction of movements and after 40 minutes of flying, it can be assumed that it was not an emergency. However, the relative frequency with which various aircraft of the easyJet Switzewrland fleet have been unavailable for extended periods of time, with the consequences being delayed and cancelled flights, does again raise the question of whether the easyJet Switzerland intensive flying schedules, resulting in quite short night-time maintenance periods, may contribute to these problems.

With the similar, but more important, problem of a TAP aircraft a few days ago, unscheduled returns have now happened two weeks in a row: is this all routine "tout va très bien, Madame la Marquise"?

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