Going on holiday? Take your natel and laptop!

If you are going on holiday and flying easyJet then you must take your mobile phone and laptop computer with you, just in case the time of your return flight is changed!



I always try to watch the TSR téléjournal at 19h30: if I miss it then I catch a repeat or go to their Web site. I even once went to see it live in the studios (when it was the petite Esther, not the ever-popular Darius: they had different chairs). Yesterday (Thursday 5 August) I listened to the report on passengers who missed a flight from Alicante back to Basel because its time of departure had been advanced. The spokesman from easyJet, Thomas Haagensen (whose face and voice are becoming very well-known!) explained that passengers had been told four days in advance by email and, where possible, also by SMS. And how about people who don't have a portable computer and don't even know how to read SMS messages?

Can you imagine the scene in the "Tous Ego en vacances" TV series when they are about to leave home?

Wife (or maybe husband!) going through the checklist:
plane tickets: OK, passports: OK, credit cards: OK (you do have the numbers in case they get stolen, don't you?), childrens' teddy bears: OK, laptop computer (voice pitch now rises a whole octave) NO, NO, NO! I told you before that you are NOT to take that computer, nor your mobile phone, on holiday again. Last year you spent hours on them, costing us a fortune, when you should have been helping me to look after the children.

Workaholic spouse:
Sorry, darling, but that nice man from easyJet says that we have to read our emails and SMS messages on holiday in case they change the return flight time!

Divorce lawyer (who happened to be passing and overheard the conversation):
Can I help either of you two?

As someone having worked in computer and network security, I could also warn you that not all computers, nor public wifi networks, are secure - that person sitting close to you and also using a computer might be spying on everything that you type - and remind you that the best protection against comnputer malware is the intelligent use of the space between your ears!

Anyway, coming back to changes of flight times, I can remember once being booked on a charter flight back from the USA to Europe and being told that I had to check a few days prior to the return date. It was actually advanced a complete day! However, I have always expected regular scheduled flights to run at the time stated when I book the flight, so that I can go to the airport at just the right time to catch the flight.

Mr Haagensen states that easyJet asks passengers to be at the check-in desks two hours in advance. However, according to the easyJet web site , this is in fact only a recommendation, not a request. I have difficulty in believing that many passengers for early morning flights arrive at the airport two hours before their flights (but I am not going to go to the airport around 4am to check this out!)!

My advice to people: check out the EC regulations which specify what are your rights in case of such events, then insist on them (by email when you get back home!).

Happy holidays.

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