Friday night is aircraft noise night

Last night, Friday 30 July 2010, the noisy Air Mauritius aircraft took off went over Versoix and Nernier (twice!).

Last night, Friday 30 July 2010, the take-off of the Air Mauritius Airbus A340-300 was, as it normally is, the loudest takeoff of the day. With the bise wind blowing, the takeoff was over Bellevue, Genthod and Versoix. Fortunately, the flight was not as late as it has sometimes been. Iit comes from Frankfurt to Geneva with some passengers already on board, then fills up with more passengers and a full fuel-load, before being scheduled to depart at 21h50: the actual take-off was at 22h18.

This aircraft is apparently very economic for long-distance flights. However, it is classed as a noisy aircraft and has a poor rate of climb. Thus, even when it passed over Versoix Mairie, then Nernier, it still was not high enough to turn right and head south. Instead, it continued almost until Morges, then turned LEFT (not right!) back over Gimel and Morges, before heading south exactly over Nernier again (that nice quiet village close to Yvoire!) and finally getting high enough to cross the Alps. To see this trajectory, see


For once, this takeoff was not the final one of the evening: that honour belonged to the easyJet Switzerland flight EZS8577, scheduled to leave at 19h10, but which only took off at 23h43.

Another curiosity: on the monitoring microphone at the Versoix Mairie, there was actually a louder noise just after 12h30, but there is nothing to suggest that it was an aircraft. Maybe it was a test of the fireworks foreseen for the first of August.

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