An unusual, old and noisy aircraft

A recent visitor to Geneva airport: an old, rather noisy and rarely seen aircraft from Kazakhstan

On 17 July a rather old and noisy aircraft, with registration UP-Y4201, landed here. This is a Yakovlev Yak-42D, a type of aircraft not often seen in Geneva. The actual landing time can be seen via


This information indicates that its Swiss noise classification is II : these noise classes, in Roman numeraks, go from I (noisiest) to V (least noisy).

It has been photographed in various airports around the world, including here in Geneva. For the pictures, see either of



This aircraft is believed to be owned by the Kazakhstan government (probably why it has the registration UP-Y4201 !) and operated by the company called Fly Jet KZ.

What is a little curious is that this company appears to be on the European Community banned list. The latest version of this banned list, dated 5 July 2010, may be found at


One can assume that either the list has changed or it only applies to standard commercial flights.

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