A new easyJet night flight

easyJet Switzerland creates a new night flight

Since the middle of July 2010 it seems that easyJet Switzerland has found a way to create what might be its first regular night flight. This means that, as well as using one of its aircraft all day, it can also use it overnight. Smart thinking: where might this lead in the future?

How is this done? The regular Saturday flight to Heraklion, operating from 19 June through the summer, was originally scheduled to depart from Geneva at 15h35 for the journey of just over 3 hours. The return flight was scheduled to leave Heraklion at 20h20 local time, arriving at 22h30. However, on 3 July (the first weekend of the school holidays and a pretty disastrous weekend for easyJet!) this flight, like several others, was cancelled.

Perhaps partly because of this, from the 17 July the flight was rescheduled to leave Geneva only at 21h45, arriving at Heraklion at 1h50 on the Sunday morning. The return flight was then rescheduled to leave Heraklion at 4h20 on the Sunday morning, arriving in Geneva at 6h30.

Regrettably, the general lateness of easyJet flights returning on a Saturday night had the consequence that the first two night flights to Heraklion only left Geneva at about midnight, thus arriving in Heraklion at around 3am. Nice way to start a holiday!

So, if people want to avoid two night flights (one to there and one back), the answer could be to go on the early morning easyJet flight on Tuesdays or the flight of Swiss Airlines on the Monday afternoons.

Bon voyage.

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